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Set of solutions aimed at creating a new world of tokenized digital economy without intermediaries
Geles is a cryptocurrency project that will literally change your experience in cryptocurrency asset management!
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ICO has launched

from June 26th
until July 10th
  • 1st stage
  • 2nd stage
  • 3rd stage
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6.3 % second stage raised
1 GLE = 0.4 BUSD
3 784 216 GLE
On this stage

What is Geles?


Main features:

What would you say if there is no more intermediaries in any transaction, any document flow? And if you could tokenize any asset you can think about? Not only virtual but physical, like real estate, art objects or securities? And if you could get up to 50% fee compensation for any transaction in any network?

Sounds impressive? This is the new tokenomics with Geles - the bridge between virtual cryptocurrency world and the world of physical assetss.

⚪️ Any type of Assets tokenization and valuation algorithms

⚪️ Up to 50% transaction fee compensation in any network

⚪️ Intermediaries free world

⚪️ Everything-for-everything exchanging method

⚪️ Scammers free space

⚪️ Secure, fast and transparent transactions

Geles token ICO stages

The initial coins sale will be carried out in three stages, starting from 06/05/2022 to 07/31/2022

11 000 000

GLE will be sold on ICO, Soft Cap is 2 971 370 BUSD, Hard Cap is 4 650 000 BUSD

2 000 000

GLE will be sold at 1st stage 06/05/2022-06/19/2022 by 0,3 USD per unit

4 000 000

GLE will be sold at 2nd stage 06/26/2022-07/10/2022 by 0,4 USD per unit

5 000 000

GLE will be sold at 3rd stage 07/17/2022-07/31/2022 by 0,5 USD per unit

What is Geles?2


Geles bounty campaign

The main goal of the Geles bounty campaign is to build and stimulate the platform's cryptocommunity. For this purpose, 200,000 GLE tokens are allocated as rewards for active members of the community. The bounty campaign is conducted on the following platforms: Twitter, Telegram and other thematic blogs and websites. Period of the campaign: May 15 - July 31, 2022.

The rules and requirements for participants are presented in the Geles whitepaper in the "Marketing Bounty Campaign" section. Stacks are updated and payments are made every seventh day starting from May 15.


27th January, 2022
| Platform concept designing | Market research | Team building | Company establishment
Q1 2022
3rd April, 2022
| Start of Smart Contract and Platform development | Financial forecasting | Legal issues setting | Negotiations on partnerships |
Q2 2022
10th May, 2022
| Crowdsale | Marketing and Bounty campaign | White paper and Technical paper publishing | Website launch |
Q2-Q3 2022
5th October, 2022
| Launch of the commission fee compensation service in Testnet | Listing to the major exchanges | Wallet alpha-version release |
Q4 2022
5th January, 2023
| Tokenization protocol implementation | Establishing new partnerships | Launch of Banking instruments |
Q1 2023
4th April, 2023
| GELES Platform alpha-version development and stress testing | Mobile App | Mainnet launch |
Q2 2023
6th June, 2023
| GELES Platform full release | Third party financial tools integration |
Q3 2023 and beyond

Basic GLE token info

GLE is BEP-20 token and has 12 500 000 total supply. Smart-contract adress is 0x239F017D510276BA7De0f0ef110C68CC843b7072

1 500 000 GLE project distribution

11 000 000 GLE ICO stages distribution

Geles team members


We are the Geles project team, united and inspired by the idea of creating a new intermediaries free world of digital economy based on blockchain technology and specialized asset tokenization algorithms.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to the most frequent questions from community members. If you have any other questions, please contact us

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